Holden Road Cars

Date Posted:4 October 2018 


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1964 Pontiac GTO - Red Silver Top 1958 FC Taxi Holden HR Premier - Landale Gold Holden HR Premier - Pyrenees Blue Metallic Holden EH Special - Warrigal Black Holden FE Special - Shoreline Beige Over Corsair Tan
Holden HX GTS - Mandarin Red Holden LJ Torana XU-1 GTR - Lone O'Ranger Holden V2 CV8 R Monaro - Pulse Red Holden LC Torana GTR Street Machine - "Heretic" Pollyanna Pink Holden LC Torana GTR XU-1 - Yellow Dolly Holden LX Torana A9X Hatchback Street Machine - Reaper
HSV W427 - Panorama Silver HSV VF GTS - Heron White HSV VF GTS - Phantom Black HSV VF Maloo R8 - Sting Red HSV VF Maloo R8 - Fantale Orange Holden VF Commodore SS-V Redline - Phantom Black Holden Hurricane Concept

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