MPC 7x8 Steerable - McAleese Pre Owned 7x8

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Pre owned this has been partly assmbled and there is very minor glue on a coiuple of spots if you look close, hardly noticable.

I dont think this was displayed and looks to be complete exclused kit assmbled show in the image. Image is for ref only 

This 7x8 steerable trailer comes complete with bolt on gooseneck assembly, ramps and 2x8 dolly.

There is avaliable the accessory kit that incudes a 3x8 and 2x8 clip assembly plus a drop in deck, by purchasing the additional accessory kit you can extend your trailer from a 7x8 to and 9x8, 10x8 or a massive 12x8 with or without the additional drop in deck section to help transport those extra-long loads.

Functional raise / lower hydraulic gooseneck
Opening engine cover with detailed diesel power pack
Opening control boxes c/w detailed controls & instructions
Rotating head assembly
Working suspension

Raise and lower ramps and widens out to 98mm



Contra-rotating steering scale
Adjustable sliding head assembly

Material: Diecast

Scale: Diecast


  • 2x8 Dolly
  • Goose neck section
  • 7x8 deck section
  • Ramp section

Item ID: ZT09065

Brand: Drake