Sporting Memorabilia Collection

Author: Heath   Date Posted:19 August 2016 

Yesterday we went for a drive over the border to Victoria to view a private sporting memorabilia collection. We have now have some of his collection in our possession to sell on consignment on their behalf. 

The below images are just a sample of what we currently have in stock but there is many more items. We could only take what we could fit in the boot of my car. The remaining items in the collection are due to arrive over the coming weeks.

If you are interested in any of these please email us as there are no adds for these yet.


Assorted Beer Collectables


Assorted signed Footballs, mini Netball, Golf Ball & Tennis Balls.


Assorted signed full size and souviner cricket bats


Assorted hats, caps, magazines & medals



Assorted AFL signed gurneys & framed sports memorabilia so big we couldnt fit it in the boot of the car.



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