Unfinished Project Feature - Justin Stark's Retro 1975 LH Torana

Author: Jessi   Date Posted:4 August 2016 

Justin Stark was the winner of our favourite unfinished project Facebook competition as voted by our fans.

Below is our interview with him where you can find out a little bit more about his Torana. 


What is your ‘Unfinished Project’? 

A 1975 LH Torana Sedan

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what to you do for a living?

I am  44Yrs Old, have 3 kids and I work for myself as a custom auto electricacian including programming of PCM' car modules.

Why did you decide to build a Torana? 

I have always liked Toranas ever since watching Brock win Bathurst in the hatchback. I have owned 2 previous hatchbacks, the first one was a mild 308 TH400 A9X mockup and the second was a retro Hatch with Injected 5L, T5 manual and VL Walkinshaw wheels.

When did you start your project build and how long do you anticipate it to take?  

I started the build in April 2015 and plan to finish in time for Motorex 2017 in Sydney with any luck.

Who has been your biggest help during the build of your Torana so far?  

My Dad, he is now a retired Aircraft Engineer so to keep him busy he comes round every day and works on it and then every Saturday I help him.

What made you decide to build a retro car?  

We made it retro in the same idea as Pro Touring. I really like the new school interior, feel and power but that old school look.

Has it been hard to plan the build and get the right help and advice?

It hasn't been real hard. I have just done a lot of research on the internet and in magazines to see what others have done and how they have gone about certain changes. Other than my own research my engineer has given advice on what he wants done to make sure it all pass legally.

What sort of modifications have you incorporated into the Torana?  
  • 2014 LSA GTS engine with cam upgrade and boost pulley upgrade
  • Mal wood T56 Magnum gearbox
  • 35spline 3.7 ratio 9" diff
  • Wilwood 355mm front disc 4 spot calipers and Wilwood 320mm disc rear 4spot calipers
  • 18x 8 and 18x 9 MC Racing wheels
  • Full VE E3 GTS Dash including Sat Nav
  • EDI (enhanced driver interface)
  • full working Heater/Aircon HVAC box out of VE commodore
  • Electric steering lock
  • Electric Handbrake and switch out of VF commodore
  • Power windows
  • central locking
  • VE inner door handles and arm rests
  • Full chassis connectors from front to rear
  • Coil overs front and Rear
  • Power steering Rack from Cortina
  • Electric Power Steer pump from Astra
  • VE GTS Electric 8 way seats with memory
  • Rain sensing wipers and VE wiper motor hidden in plenumn
  • Momo steering wheel and gear knob (think thats most of it)


What have you got left to complete?

There are some rust repairs, we need to finish smoothing out the firewall and engine bay. Then straighten and paint the car after going on the rotisserie to finish off the underbody.

Do you have any other ‘Unfinished Projects’? If so, what are they? And why haven’t you finished them? 

No other unfinished projects but I am sure another will come when my kids get their license.


We are looking forward to seeing this project finished! How about you??

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26 April 2017
Justin How well did the VE dash fit & what sort of modifications did you need to do Looks like the side vents were lost in the process Looks fantastic by the way John

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