A little bit about Bestmancave

Author: Heath Blok   Date Posted:27 February 2016 


Bestmancave started out as a just hobby for Heath, he has been collecting diecast models and memorabilia since the early 80's. It wasn't until late 2014 that Heath made the deicistion to start selling off some items to downsize his personal collection and get ready for the next journey of his life. 

Due to the increased demand and Heath's knowledge of e-commerce, the hobby eventually became a business more than 30 years later. Bestmancave currently employs four people.

Heath  - Managing Director/Business Development Manager 

Debbie  - Assistant Manager/Finance Manager

Zeke  - Sales Representative

Jessi - Business Secretary/Marketing Manager 

Bestmancave's main lines are diescast models and motorsport memorabilia but aims to expand their variety of products throughout 2016.

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