Highway Replicas - Blue Livestock Road Train

Author: Zeke   Date Posted:26 April 2016 

 Have just announced the next Livestock Road Train.

The road train is a legend of the Australian outback. Its legendary status is backed by recording the longest and heaviest road-legal road trains in the world, with some weighing 200 tonnes.

This exceptionally crafted model includes all the features you would expect from larger scales, includes a comprehensive interior and detailed chassis. Connecting the Truck, Dolly and the 2 Trailers, the Livestock Road Train measures over 50cm long.


The next road train by Highway Replicas to hit the shelvs will be a Blue and White in colour as well as having a different striped pattern.

Like the Green and White/Red road trains before it this will also have aavailablean additional trailer and Dolly to extend your road train to measure over 75cm.


The road train is expected to be released in August 2016.

Item No Item Price
12003 Blue and White Prime Mover, Dolly and 2x Trailer $176
12997 Blue and White Trailer with Dolly $90


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