1:64 FJ News Model Set


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Up for sale is a 1:64 Top Gear Holden FJ Model Set - News Paper Delivery Vans

Few if any legends of the 50's endure as well as the "FJ" Holden. It seemed perfect for Australian driving conditions. Good road clearance, ample power and a smooth ride quickly endeared the FJ to 'Aussie' families while the panel van model introduced in late '53, was a boon to tradesmen and eliverers of goods of all types. Betwwen 1953 and 1956 a total of 169,969 FJ models were built.

The most complete records of events that shaped Australia as a nation are contained in newspapers. War, peace, tragedy and triumph have been chronicled over many years in a form which allows readers to quietly absorb the details be re-reading in a way that watching TV does not permit. Several of the newspapers included in FJ NEWS have been faithfully keeping people informed for more then 150 years. The daily editions of todays papers inform and entertain readers whilst becoming a rich storehouse of living history.

There is a FJ to represent the leading newspapers in each state of Australia.

Item ID: TGS02

Brand: Top Gear

Length: 30.500 cm

Height: 26.500 cm

Width: 30.500 cm