Framed MCG Carpet Square & Piece of the Ponsford Stand

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Up for sale is a Framed Carpet Square from the MCG Longroom & also includes a piece of timber from the Ponsford Stand

This is an extremely rare for item like this to be made available, they’re considered priceless. Saved from the Ponsford Grandstand (1968-2002), this truly is an awesome piece of sporting history!

This limited, unique and authenticated piece of the Ponsford Stand keeps alive the memory of the history and excitement of the 'G'. W.H (Bill) Ponsford was one of Australia's and Victoria's greatest cricketers, you could own a piece of the stand that bore his name.

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Antique looking timber frame with glass.

Item ID: Grant-08

Brand: Melbourne Cricket Club

Length: 56.000 cm

Height: 66.000 cm

Width: 3.000 cm